It’s About Time to Shape-Up in Sakon Nakhon,Thailand

Sakon Nakhon has the least amount of park and exercise sites of most places I have been in Isaan.  Somdet Phra Srinakarindra Park near Nong Han has a 1 kilometer plus walking path and a set of exercise equipment, much of it  in need of maintenance. The park is used by a group of seniors in the morning and a mixed group in the afternoon. Mornings sees a dozen or so regulars doing aerobics. There is some gym equipment at the park, but not much for a steady regimen.  Galyani Vadhana Princess of Narathiwat Garden has a nice walking/cycling path, but nothing in the way of equipment.
The hospital has a gym that opens at 1500h daily, perhaps. Often on the weekend it did not open at all and weekdays quite often late. It has an elliptical trainer that works sometimes and another small bit of equipment, but once again not much……..

Finall Khon Lek gym has opened right next door to the Sakon Nakhon Provincial Electricity Authority on 223 just North of Suk Kasem Road. It is well equipped, mostly about weight stations, andfree weights, but does have 2 treadmills and 2 elliptical trainers. All the equipment is heavy duty and looks in good shape. The great thing is it opens at 0600, before it gets hot as hell. There are shower facilities and I saw towels on hand. It is 20 Baht per visit and I will let you lnow what other options there are, but finally a well equipped gym open in the mornings.
Yes there is a gym at Rajabhat University that is said to open at 1600, but the building is small and I have not seen it open. Once agiain I will post any info I can dig up. I hope this places stays open and I will continue to visit a few times a week. It is well past time for the 3 Songkran kilos to say bye-bye..

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  1. Who ere those frequently visitors to the gym?
    Are they elders or youths?
    How many elders who want to use the heavy duty equipment?

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