Phu Foilum,Phu Foilom,Phu Pholum,Phu Phoilom,Udon Thani, However you spell it, it is a pleasant stop along the way in Northeast Thailand

foilomLocation : Nong Saeng District Phu Foi Lom lies on the Phu Phan Noi Mountains. The name derives from a species of lichen which was found on the branches of big trees. But at present, there are much less in the way of trees or lichen,due to the deforestation It has been set up as ecotourism for nature conservation center. It is comprised of honourary plants commemorating 60th anniversary of Majesty the Queen as well as prehistoric park including dinosaur sculpture, fossil museum as well as study forest trail of mixed deciduous forest, dry evergreen forest, dry dipterocarp forest with savanna, small waterfalls and caves.
So goes the copy paste data from around the web. As the rains begin to arrive and sunny days still shine down, this is the time of year to visit the park and the region…..

This part of Isaan is visited even less than the rest of the region, but for folks interested in the flora and fauna there is plnty to see and do. This is also a route to skip. or skirt around Udon town if you want to bypass the big city.

A couple hour stroll around the park or more is realaxing and informative. And plenty of nearby waterfalls can be found in the area
Enjoy rural Isaan, kick back, relax and enjoy the beauty…


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