Culture,History,Buddhism and Rice in Sakon Nakhon,Northeast Thailand วัดด่านม่วงคำ

A hundred years ago in Northeast Thailand there were no roads to speak of , and that was fine as there were no cars to speak of. And since there was little in the way of money, there was little in the way of debt as well. The culture of Isaan is a mixed bag brought from China and Laos as well as from Cambodia. It is the simplicity of life that makes it such a fitting stage for Buddhism and culture. When the rains begin to fall all things turn to rice and getting it in the paddies. People will be working from dawn to dark to get this staple of the region in the ground and hope and pray that the weather holds true and that in 9 to 12 weeks the crop can be harvested. Then there are places like Ban Don Muang Kham and the village wat. The Ubosot is listed by the  Culural and Arts Department at Khon Kaen Universityand as so many places of cultural value ignored by the Tourism Authority of Thailand.
But this is the beauty of Isaan. To me able to go out and see the cycle of life as it has been lived for millenniua. Okay, plastic rain gear might be a colourful addition. And to see places of Buddhist practice still standing, just as they did more than 100 years ago. Moderation or that which is Buddhist as opposed to the opulence that is the Business of  Religion in Thailand Today.

And throw in a cuppa coffee and life is wonderful.


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