Another Leap Nowhere for Education in Thailand

The ministers of Education for the past 18 years, or for as long as I have been in Thailand, with great reguluarity come out with statements announcing new and better curricula for Thai students. All I know for fact is that levels of corruption have gone up while levels of education have fallen on annual basis over the past 18 years. Now they are talking about emulating the Finnish model in Thai schools. Ministry readies new curriculum is a big jump for a totally deficient system. Perhaps Thai educators first learn to set an example for their students other than the corruption and cheating that is endemic in the system.  Assistant teachers to be fired in cheating scandal is nowhere near the Finnish concept  Then of course another Asian Nation has to offer an opinion New curriculum must ready students for the workforce. I would doubt any statement by the Education Ministry if it claimed to have an interest in curtailing corruption and enforcing honesty in testing in Thailand, let alone any plans to actually educte the children of Thailand

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