Using Panoramio With Google Earth for Android in Northeast Thailand

I guess this is another episode of Google and the Geezer, an Andoid Adventure in Northeast, Thailand or not I’ll leave it up to you. I have posted photos to Panoramio for some time now and wish I would remember to do it more often. I also enjoy browsing through Google Earth with Panoramio enabled to get a preview of what might be available to see when I am travelling through an area.
What I will often do is locate an interesting place in Google Earth in Windows, copy the lat/long into Google Maps in Windows and save it to one of my maps so that I can find the place in the field with my Android device.
Since the Tourism Authority of Thailand and travel bloggers seem uninterested in the culture and places of Northeast Thailand it takes a brave and adventurous type to get out and enjoy the beauty that is Isaan
The example of incorrect locations in urban areas is mostly an irritant and inconvenience while out in the mountains and rural areas misplaced photos can become dangerous. Take you time when hunting down sites and if things seem dodgy, just let it go and move on to something that seems safer to hunt. Whatever the case get out and experience Isaan, Northeast Thailand

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