Real Buddhism will Long Outlast the Thai Government and Its Stooges in Robes

It has now reached a point where stories of monks run amuck have become a daily event in Thailand. After more than 50 years of promoting corruption throughout the land the Thai Government finlly has the Sangha it deserves. The good news in all this is they are all inpermanent and when crooked monks are gone and Thailand is but a memory the Dhamma will still be truth. And through all the suffering, greed and delusion the teaching of the Buddha is still spread by the Followers of the Buddha, not the Baht and those who follow the Dhamma not the Delusion as taught by the Thai Government and the henchmen in robes. High-flying monk takes flak is not the worst to be seen of  late with all sorts of debauchery typical in the paaces that call themselves Monasteries today.

I am constantly reminded of the story of Ajahn Chah and the offer of a posh car for Wat Nong Pa Pong years ago. After hours of discussion about what the proper thing to do would be, Ajahn Chah simply asked, What would the Buddha Do? And all thought of a posh ride were gone. I quite doubt many monks today ask, What would the Buddha do?
As rare as they are there are places in Thailand where students can still receive a more than adequate education in the 3Rs as well as learning morality and Wisdom. It is no surprise that these schools have a connection with  Forest Monks and true, not thai, Buddhism.

Places like thawsi school may be rare in Thailand, but thankfully not extinct

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