Is It Rags or Riches In Isaan, Northeast Thailand

peopleDepending on what you read and what you see Northeast Thailand is either yo believe Thailand’s boom: To the northeast, the spoils or see articles like Central bank throws red flag on loans and Thai household debt skyrockets, predatory lending mushrooms or could it be Thaksin Isan Love Affair in Full Bloom. At the end of the day I find more faith in Sanitsuda Ekachai and Thailand’s shocking inequity statistics. Although her article is nearly four years old the fact that wealth is in the hands of a few  still holds true especially in debt ridden Isaan.
Since much of Isaan is rural and many people are living on agricultural land and thus considered “employed” it would seem near impossible to obtain any type of correct data. Since none of the articles telling us about The economic renaissance of “Isaan”, seem to sources or reliable data. Most of the the malls are not owned by……
Northeasteners, but by major national or international  corporations. Of course these companies are paying minimum wage, or are they?
I have been given to understand that departments stores do not pay a minimum wage,but that the sales people work on commission.
Many small businesses in the region are family operated and the minimum wage is not paid. There is still no adequate education or health care in the region, unless one can afford it. There is still no safe transportation to school for children. I am certain some people are getting wealthy in Isaann, but in general debt is still endemic in Northeast Thailand

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