The Phrae Wa Queen of Silk Fair in Kalasin Thailand

I have attended many fairs and festivals in Kalasin over the years and have enjoyed them all. As the years go on, just as everywhere in Northeast Thailand the use of phone cams and phone cam photographers have become a quite an irritant.  But a trip to Kalsin for the fair on the lomg weekend ending on th August 13th is wekll worth the time.I got the following quote from somewhere and for once it is accurate. Phrae Wa Queen of Silk Fair is held annually in August in order to honour H.M. Queen Sirikit who has kindly supported the Phrae Wa Silk under her royal patronage and promoted it to wider public awareness.The Queen’s support also helps to create employment for local Phu Thai people. The Fair features the processions of people dressing up in local fabric.Witness the Phrae Wa Silk competition. Enjoy local performances, fashion show, as well as, purchase Phrae Wa silk products and local merchandise.”

here is a look back at some of the silk festivals in Kalasin over the years

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