SANUK and the search for places of Interest in Northeast Thailand

What is SANUK, or in this case where is it. In this case SANUK is comprised of Sakon Nakhon, Nakhon Phanom and Mukdahan Provinces in Isaan, Northeast Thailand.  These acronyms and additional brochures pop up periodically and are of some use to the person who has lived and traveled Isaan for some time but of little use to a visitor, unfamiliar with the region. They are generally quite well done artistically, but useless as far as information and locations are concerned. In some cases places are misnamed and also shown in the wrong location, if not listed in the incorrect Province. Some of the books try to be bi or in some cases tri-lingual. Thai, English and Vietnamese are the languages of guess. This part of Thailand, especially Mukdahan are popular with Vietnamese tourists. …

I went on the search for 3 sites that I had not found before in Mukdahan and all 3 are worth a visit if you take the rural route 2104 south past Na Kae if you are traveling from Sakon Nakhon east. Okay Non Sung is abit bit off route if travelling to Mukdahan, but a scenic detour well worth it. While the Tourism Authority of Thailand and SANUK might be of limited help along with the map of Mukdahan will help you find Wat Banpot Kiri (Phu Chor Kor), Wat Bodhi Si Kaew and the Irrigation site near the Bang Sai River. I will be posting Provincial maps a bit more often as I keep getting searches from folks looking for  accurate maps of the region

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