Down to Kalasin for the Silk Festival in Northeast Thailand

The 213 is the road from Sakon Nakhon to Kalasin town. There is a ring road that can be used to bypass the town if going on to Roi Et, Mahasarakham or Khon Kaen. One way or another if arriving on a weekend morning I prefer to drive straight through town. As in many municipal and built up areas multi lane roads go unmarked and lane definition is nonexistent, so drive carefully, as always the plan in Isaan.
I hope the silk festiavl and observance of the queens birthday is as enjoyable as it has been over the years.
I have given up on the updated Paiboon Hotel and the unresponsive staff as well as generally useless wifi service. I will be bring you up to date on some lodging and food choices and updating the Kalasin Province Map which is the most accurate and up to date map available for the province. Here’s the trip into town on the 213 from Sakon Nakhon

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