Ajahn Chah and facing Fear and the Dhammapada, Buddhism in Northeast Thailand

Theory and practice of dealing with fear. Ajahn Cha’s experiences staying in charnel grounds.

Why is there laughter?
Why is there joy
when the world is on fire?
Since you are clouded in darkness
should you not seek the light?
v. 146

It is usually when we get burnt by life that we turn to the Teachings. It can come as a relief to find that in our efforts to be free from darkness we are accompanied by many millions of other human beings. Suffering is the nature of unawakened humanity. “Don’t feel bad if you are suffering. Everyone suffers,” Ajahn Chah would tell us.
Before his enlightenment the Buddha-to-be suffered too. The difference is enlightened beings know that suffering is not an obligation – it is only one of the options available in the human realm.
There is also the possibility of dwelling in the light of non-suffering.

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