Traveling with SANUK to Phu Kor Jor in Amphor Nong Sung,Mukdahan, Thailand

The other day I posted about the many books and brochures that get printed about tourism in Isaan in  SANUK and the search for places of Interest in Northeast Thailand a d one of the places visited wasPhu Kor Jor and  Wat Banphot Kiri. It is where Luang Por La Khempatato 1911-1996 (Lah) stayed and meditated for some years, Ajahn La was a disciple of Ajahn Mun. After his death a chedi was built on top of the hill where some of his belongings are exhibited. Actually Larry of Khon Kaen Retirement and I had stopped their some time back, but due to the crowd did not stay and tour the whole site. I like the fact that the chedi is on top of the hill, not accessible by car, but by a steep climb. It is another minimalist building like so many found in Forest Monasteries in Isaan. And the entire site remains a model of moderation as opposed to the Thai practice of creating over the top monstosities. Besibe my album there is a very nice collection of photos done by

the good folks at Mukdahan News have an entry that is certainly worth a visit…

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