Thai Buddhism is Going Strong in Khon Kaen and the Rest of Thailand

If what you mean by Thai Buddhism is monks who could give a shit less about their rules of conduct. If you are talking about a country caught up in superstition, fear and ignorance, then Thai Buddhism is doing great. It has reached a point where these pseudo monks could care less and have no shame in eating in the afternoon not only in public and eating food that in effect they are stealing as it was not served properly to them. People say don’t say anything, well not saying anything is what has got things to this level of arrogance Ajahn Chah learned intelligent shame and these thieves have no shame of any type. Buddhadasa Bhikkhu saw the disintegration of  Thai Buddhism more than 80 years ago. And the poor are the biggest victims of another Thai Government scam.

Reading that Buddhist monks are buying into Thailand’s new religion: consumerism is no surprise as it is seen everyday at most temples in Thailand, but they do not earn money, as they are alms mendicants, they scam and hoodwink the poor, and most at risk, while the wealthy buy in for  even more wealth and status in the next life The Buddha found the way to escape suffering and that is all Buddhism is about. The scoundrels do not want anyone escaping their clutches and their masters in trousers want it kept that way. More to come…..

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