A Washout in Kalasin leads to a Interesting Queens Birthday Weekend in Khon Kaen, Thailand

We arrived in Kalasin on a rainy cloudy boring Saturday. Generally I now stay at Soontri Apartments near the bus station. The place is a bit long in the tooth, but clean, the WIFI is actually connected to the Internet and the location is fine. This is as opposed to the Pailin which, IMHO is overpriced, the staff is rude and while the wifi is just loverly it is often not connected to the internet, We had stopped in Sahatsakhan and visited the Thepsuda Bridge on the way down. The level in the Lam Pao Reservoir has risen a small bit, but it is still dangerously low. I did manage to add a couple “Photosheres to Google Maps. Seeing that the stage was in a more inconvenient loacation and elevation to see the evening entertainment and ceremonies for the Queen’s Birthday on Monday and with little if anything set up for a festiavl I made the decision to visit some friends in Khon Kaen

An episode with Pseudo Monks did add a bit of a blemish to the weekend, but not for long. We enjoyed the good company of some friends, got to check out technical equipment not available in Sakon Nakhon and all in all had a great time And on  Mothers Day we happened by the Chinese Shrine at Beung Karn Nakhon to see that community doing more in providing free food and helping the poor, something that seems rarer by the day by Thais in Thailand.


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