About Forest Buddhism In Northeast Thailand

Buddhism On Meditation Instructions from talks by Ajahn Chah

Ajahn Chah as always is clear, concis e and to the point Meditation Sitting meditation and making the mind peaceful, you don’t have to think about too much. Right now, just focus on the mind, and…Continue reading

Ajahn Chah Still Practicing in Lopburi and More Dhammapada

After Luang Por Pau’s death Ajahn Chah stayed on to continue his practice in Lopburi Silence does not denote profundity if you are ignorant and untrained. Like one holding scales, a sage weighs…Continue reading

Ajahn Chah Bio, More Aspects of the Ajahn Mun Visit, Forest Buddhism and another Dhammapada Entry

The Dhammayut Nikai began in 1833 as a reform movement led by Prince Mongkut in Thailand. Ultimatly it seems to cause division and friction in the Sangha in Thailand. Ajahn Mun and the majority of…Continue reading

What Gets A Buddhist Monk Expelled, Buddhism Thailand

Often, in Thailand we read about the shenanigans monks get up to. Women, drink, drugs and ownership of things not allowed in the Vinaya. The Vinaya  is the Monks Rules an the law that governs monks…Continue reading

More Dhammapada and Ajahn Chah Meets Luang Por Kinnari

Ajahn SumedhoAnd Ajahn Jayasaro gives us a look at Ajahn Chah as a student along his path as a young monk. Our teachers had…Continue reading

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