Ajahn Jayasaro tells us More about Ajahn Chah and Ghosts and Ajahn Munindo and Dhammapada

Theory and practice of dealing with fear. Ajahn Cha’s experiences staying in charnel grounds. Break through in meditation and understanding.

Committed evil doers behave toward themselves
like their own worst enemies.
They are like creepers that strangle the trees
which support them.
v. 162

This verse refers to a monk who tried three times to kill the Buddha and eventually his evil actions contributed to his own death. When we betray our heart’s commitment to reality, slowly but surely, we die away from the light of truth and sink into darkness. Creepers climb handsome, mature trees and sometimes strangle them to death. We can go for refuge to the Buddha yet still be taken over
by upthrusts of rage. Hours, days or even years go by as we justify our hurtful actions of body or speech. When we come to see the truth of ouractions, a wholesome sense of remorse arises;we genuinely wish to desist. Right action is the natural consequence.

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