On the Road Sakon Nakhon to Nakhon Phanom and Onward Update

Pansaa or the Rains Reteat is a good time to catch of with monks, both Weastern and Thai that I have known over the years if the are in Isaan,. This is the period when they all stay in monasteries for the 3 months. So it is off to take some photospheres and photograps and take a look at the state of the Mekhong, waterwise. A bit of twitcasting will check the rural 3G signal up here in Isaan and give me a chance to tell the story while driving through the countryside on a quiet Sunday morning. A heavy storm has been predicted, but I have my usual trust of a government body, so I have been enjoying the sunshine and light local showers along the way. Hopefully I will make it down to Ubon and Wat Pa Nanachat and elsewhere and if the rains hit change plans , whatever comes along the way.

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