Ajahn Jayasaro, Ajahn Chah, the Dhammapada and more

More Dhammapada and Ajahn Chah Meets Luang Por Kinnari

Ajahn Sumedho And Ajahn Jayasaro gives us a look at Ajahn Chah as a student along his path as a young monk. Our teachers had…Continue reading

Uniqueness of Ajahn Mun, the Ajahn Chah Oral Biography and the Dhammapada

Ajahn Jayasaro discusses the combination of factors that made Ajahn Mun so influential. It is quite useful in  experiencing the life Ajahn Chah, to understand those things and people that were part…Continue reading

This Week’s More Dhammapada and Ajahn Jayasaro tells us More of the Life Of Ajahn Chah

I think,just as once a week there is an Upposatha Day, once a week it’s a good idea to set aside a post to the Teaching. And a Dhammapada quote and narrative by Ajahn Munindo along with a look at the…Continue reading

Ajahn Chah Still Practicing in Lopburi and More Dhammapada

After Luang Por Pau’s death Ajahn Chah stayed on to continue his practice in Lopburi Silence does not denote profundity if you are ignorant and untrained. Like one holding scales, a sage weighs…Continue reading

Dhammapada and Ajahn Jayasaro tells us more about Ajahn Chah 20.04.13

Let go of that which is in front, let go of that which has already gone, and let go of in-between. With a heart that takes hold nowhere you arrive at the place beyond all suffering. v. 348 We can…Continue reading

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