Why I Try to Practice Buddhism

Fifty some years ago I first learned about Buddhism by way of a Christian philosopher. I experienced more in Vietnam. Seeing monks self immolate is quite a contrast to the actions of so many monks in Thailand who chase material goods and rank. Perhaps someday the Thai Government will allow Bhikkhus to be once again simple alms mendicants, but I quite doubt it as wealth has become a major refuge.Robbing the poor to enrich the wealthy is witness across Thailand on a daily basis in Monasteries across the country.
Yes, I see and visit city wats where the Vinaya is kept and monks conduct themselves in an appropriate manner for alms mendicants, but sadly it appears to be the exception not the rule.
I hope you find something useful in the following…..

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  1. Michael Porteous says:

    Thanks for what you say in this post. I live near Hua Hin & the Buddhism here is exactly what you say. It’s all about money and prestige…and somewhere out there, the important things the Buddha said have been lost. Or rather, they follow correctly interpreting Buddhism in their own way, supported by the Sangka (or whatever the organisation controlling Buddhism is called). I’m a Christian priest, but I find pure Buddhism as close as you’re ever going to get to the meaning of our existence. Hope I haven’t carried on too much, but thanks again

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