Monasteries, Artifacts and More in Northeast Thailand

Wat Roi Phra Putthabat,Phu Manorom,and Tourism in,Mukdahan,Thailand

Years ago it was a slog by foot to get to the top of this hill, nowadays the modern road will get you to the top in moments. This is another destination brought to you by the Tourism Authority of…Continue reading

Wat Norawararam วัดนรวราราม Buddhism in Kalasin, Northeast Thailand

Wat Norawararam ??????????? Nong Sung Mukdahan 49160, Thailand surveyed by “The Culture and art Centere” at Khon Kaen University is located just off route 12 between Somdet and Mukdahan. The road…Continue reading

Antiques and Artifacts Old and Not So Old in Udon Thani,Thailand

lek charoen hailai reads the sign in Thai, using Isaan dialect words, which won’t make much difference to you. You can find the location by looking at the album in Picasa or by going to my Udon Thani…Continue reading

Using GPS in Northeast Thailand, Part 1

I have noticed that I get a number of searches about using GPS in Thailand. I am by no means a geek,but when it comes to maps, google maps,geotagging and so on I am not only a geek, but a fanatic….Continue reading

ChomDao Resort And Restaurant,Sawang Daen Din,Sakon Nakhon,Thailand

The ChumDao Resort in Sawang Daen Din,Sakon Nakhon is a popular place for government meetings, conventions and the like. I used to stay there with some regularity, but had not visited in over a…Continue reading

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