High Speed Trains, Tunnels and Reality in Thailand

So the Government plans on spending more than 2 trillion Baht for high speed rail when at the moment the State Railway of Thailand cannot keep their 50 kilometer per hour stock on the track. Then the other day Hans at Sakon Nakhon Live found an article I had only heard about. Talk about pipe dreams, the light at the end of this tunnel could well be a derailed train. While the Thai government is always happy to spend the citizens money and in the process line their own pockets they are unable to perform standard maintenance on the basic infrastructure in place. While the private sector manages to keep old samlors rolling the Thai Government the Thai Government seems to lack any skill. When it comes to roads I do not know if it is simply corruption, poor engineering or just stupidity that keeps the roads in the state they are. Dual carriageways all over Isaan…

are much like the one videoed. The outside lane is impassable. Many of these have been in the same condition for many years. Just like the bridge in Ayuthaiya money is scammed sub-standard materials used and people die with no-one ever held responsible.
All this and High Speed Trains, Tunnels and High Tech Projects are only any good in lining the pockets of those involved while endangering the people of the region

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t8JIo3MTPc0′]

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  1. SteveCM says:

    “So the Government plans on spending more than 2 trillion Baht for high speed rail…”

    This is simply incorrect. The 2.2 trillion baht transportation infrastructure project is NOT only for “high speed rail” (HST) – it also includes upgrading/extending existing single track to double-track, upgrading/extending Bangkok metropolitan area rail lines, upgrading/ extending highways as well as other transport-related facilities. A detailed breakdown is available at http://www.thai-japanasso.or.th/download/130425part1_p1_42.pdf (starting at p27).

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