Rules of the Road, Isaan Style,Sakon Nakhon,Thailand

Isaan, Northeast Thailand to my mind is the best place to visit in Thailand, For, culture,history, the people and real Buddhism this is the richest part of the country. Cash wise this is the poorest part of Thailand, perhaps that is why people hold on to thoe things that are special to the region. If you do visit the most important part of the trip will be minding the traffic and what is happening in front, behind and on either side. It really is a jungle out there!
The photos at the left were taken on the main Udon Thani to Sakon Nakhon road just in front of Rajabhat University. There is an empty pedestrian bridge that crosses the, not only dual carriageway, but there are 2 lane feeders on either side.  These kids will pop out from in front of that truck you see right in front of oncoming traffic. Ones reaction is usually to edge to the right and in Thailand there is quite often a vehicle in that lane and the cause of many accidents.

They should put a policeperson at those sites and fine those kids a few hundred baht and perhaps they might use the bridge.
Another big problem is dual carriageways with, what I call yellow islands between the opposing directions. These I have been told are against the law to cross, but are crossed with great regularity in Thailand. Where side roads intersect the dual carriage way and people want to make a left turn, they regularly not onle cross but turn onto these 1 meter yellowdividers aand take up part of an oncoming traffic lane. When making an illegal left hand turn the inside lane in both directions are often blocked. One must remeber thaat many Thais “buy” their licenses and have no clue about the law. The law is usually ignored, especially when it poses and inconvenience and is selectively enforced. If you are involved in an accident, stay clam, but be firm. If it is not your fault be sure to get proper documentation and photograph everything. Here is what Larry at Khon Kaen Retirement documented on the occasion of my/our road happening. And just remember be alert as it is a jungle out there.


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