Google and the Geezer an Android Adventure in Northeast Thailand Podcasting on YouTube1

A few years back I presented weekly podcasts, sometimes monologue and sometimes interviews with local people All these were done using Windows to upload to the server and insert into my blogspot blog and linked to isaan-live The other day I read about and decided to try it using only my Samsung Galaxy Note II. I am using the Hi-Q MP3 recoreder to record the body of the podcast and uploading a photo all on my Android device I am posting to Isaan-Live in windows, but soon plan on attempting the whole process on Android I hope you bear with me as another Isaan Live project is born If you hace any suggestions or comments please send them by email or as comments Another option is to video and voice overlay on the video as I have done before, and that might be the way I go, not sure, but look forward to trying something new…


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