Ajahn Chah Spoken Biography Chapter 27,Monastic transgressions and their impact, And Dhammapada

Those who build canals
channel the flow of water.
Arrowsmiths make arrows.
Woodworkers craft wood.
Those committed to goodness
tame themselves.
v. 145

Crafts-people work their crafts. The endeavour of taming the heart’s unruly nature – there’s an art to this. Outwardly we might find ourselves in confusing circumstances but inwardly we remember that cultivating skilfulness is our primary task. With careful, constant observation we learn to recognise the heart’s unruliness. ‘Life shouldn’t be this way!’ We can learn to not reactively judge such thoughts. Our passionate demanding that conditions be other than how they are is simply seen for what it is. With this new seeing we find an increased daring to offer ourselves into whatever it is we aredoing right now; wholeheartedly, whole-bodily.
As we progress, the task becomes easier; gratitudemanifests, even though the work is challenging.

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