Ajahn Sumedho,Ajahn Mun,Wat Khao Tham Phra,Sakon Nakhon,Thailand, Dhammapada and More

Ajahn Chah,His Style of Teaching,Oral Biography,Ajahn Jayasaro and Dhammapada

Ajahn Jayasaro provides insight to Ajahn Chah’s teaching syle and Ajahn munind comments on Those who are envious, stingy and manipulative, remain unappealing despite good looks and eloquent speech….Continue reading

Uniqueness of Ajahn Mun, the Ajahn Chah Oral Biography and the DhammapadaWell finally TRT v3.1 figured out a way to unite Thailand

Ajahn Jayasaro discusses the combination of factors that made Ajahn Mun so influential. It is quite useful in  experiencing the life Ajahn Chah, to understand those things and people that were part…Continue reading

Ajahn Chah, Dedicated Attitude, Dhammapada and comment by Ajahn Munindo

Ajahn Jayasaro discusses Ajahn Chah and the Characteristics of commmitment to practice. Since ancient times it has been the case that those who speak too much are criticised, as are those who speak…Continue reading

Wat Khao Tham Phra,Sakon Nakhon,Thailand

This is a meditaion wat for sure. One of the Maechee has been here 20 years and has a Masters Degree from some University, as well as excellent English. She is a student of Ajahn Sumedho, as well,…Continue reading

The History of the Forest Tradition in Thailand and the Dhammapada

In this episode of the oral biography of Ajahn Chah bigraphy Ajahn Jayasaro gives an outstanding explanation of the History of the Forest in Thailand. If you find a good companion, of integrity and…Continue reading

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