Kathin,Wat Pa Klang Nong Phu,Sakon Nakhon,Thailand

  Kathin or laying down” of new robes to the monks takes place in the 11th month of the Lunar Year, November. Following the Pansaa the laity traditionally offers the requisites to the monks for the comming year. In forest wats cloth for the robes is offered as the monks dye, cut and sew the robes themselves. Many wats are branches of the main wat. Like in the case of Wat Nong Pa Pong where Ajahn Liem is now the abbot replacing Ajahn Chah. In the case of  Nong Pa Pong there are now more than 170 branch monasteries so visiting them all is impossible during the Kathin season. But, it is a chance for monks to get together after the Rains Retreat and catch up, so to speak. Since most people never attend a Kathin and fewer ever attend one in a Forest Wat, to include most Thailas. I have tried to give you a bit of insight into how Forest Buddhism is still practiced in Thailand…

and throughout  the world  in the temples founded by the followers of Ajahn Mun. From arriving at the temple and Sai Baht, or filling the  monks bowls, to offering the meal to the monks and the Kathin Chanting followed by the offering in two parts, due to YouTube constraints.
Ad finally below Ajahn handing out small tokens to the Laity As you can see a monk cannot touch a women

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=noYffioKsT4′]


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