Cockfighting is Legal in Thailand and Very Popular in Isaan

chickenAccording to is legal in Thailand. Unlike some countries, Thai cockfighting does not use artificial spurs to increase injury and does not employ the ‘fight to the death rule’. Thai birds live to fight another day and are retired after two years of competing. Cockfighting is enjoyed by over 200,000 people each weekend at over 75 licensed venues. The problem is the unlicensed venues where spurs are used. As usual in Thailand laws are generally ignored or become  a source of additional income for police and other government officers, in other words bribery and corruption.
I have witnessed  fights throughout Isaan Northeast Thailand mostly not using spurs and not to the death, but it has not been a rarity to see spurs and fights to the death….

They go on to say * Cockfighting is a part of Thailand’s cultural heritage. but so was slavery, and so is gambling, which is illegal so perhaps it is best that cockfighting become part of Thailand’s history. Cockfighting without spurs is most popular in the smaller villages throught the region and can be seen most any day of the week, but usually on Saturdays. The big fights usually take place in the Provincial capitals in Isaan. In an article about Dhanin Chearavanont I found an interesting story and a more interesting quote by him   “People who feed the country shouldn’t be poor,” You can read it in  Cockfighting Thai Billionaire Makes Top Chinese Purchase

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