Pa Khram,ผ้าคร้าม Indigo Cloth and More Crafts in Isaan, Northeast Thailand

pakhramThese cultural and craft centers are to be found all over Isaan AS usual Tourism Authority of Thailand, Provincial Tourist Organizations,  OTOP miss, ignore or are just ignorant of the many places for tourists to visit in the region The gut here is a real Credence Clearwater Revival fan, which makes a good backgroud to the tie-dye part of this home centered business. Of course no English is to be found on signs or out of mouths at these locations, but the people are always friendly and welcoming. If you see something interesting driving the byways of  Northeast Thailand, just pull in that after the dogs are quieted down you will get a warm welcome and a fine tour This little operation beside indigo works with other natural dyes and beside shirts do Pa Sin and more They also farm Mahc Mao a local fruit that I have already posted and provide classes free of charge…

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