Why NOT to Buy Books on Meditation or Buddhism

The Dhamma is free. Buddhist books are offered for free distribution, the cost of publishing and printing is donated and now a days most are available on PDF. As I tend follow Theravadan Buddhism Forest Sangha from the Ajahn Chah lineage and Forest Dhamma from Luangta Maha Boowa are two of my favorites, but there are many others such as from Wisdom Publications as well as  the Buddhism Now Blog. Some others I use are find most useful are BuddhaNet and  Access To Insight. Buddhadas can be found at a number of sights and two very useful PDFs are Handbook For Mankind and Anapanasati (Mindfulness of Breathing) both of which can be found at BuddhaNet. There are many other places online for the other schools of Buddhism and easy to find on Google or  the other search engines. Another useful source is YouTube where you can watch Ajahn Jayasaro or ……

Sumedho and many others. Search what you are looking forand when you find those that you find of use save them to your playlists. Another hany thing about PDFs is that you can research for words or terms that are of interest, which is how I found another Monastery where Ajahn Mun had spent time and some places of interest about Ajahn Chah

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2 Responses to “Why NOT to Buy Books on Meditation or Buddhism”

  1. It is a good collection of Meditation practices displayed on the internet.
    It is available for those with IT skills.You can sit down and use your PC or walk along a street viewing you I Phone to read about meditation.
    But to me and to my stile of meditation I would prefer books to other forms of e-books.
    I like the feeling when I hold a small book while trying to concentrate on my steps on the dirt roads or even the floor of my living room.
    I do not mind using e-books to work on other aspects of serious issues that require several more styles of research. You have provided us with a lot of good books on the internet.Well done.Thanks you three times.

    • admin says:

      Khun Prasit as I say in the first sentence The Dhamma is free. Buddhist books are offered for free distribution, the cost of publishing and printing is donated, but they are often not available and what I have seen in city many thai buddhist wats is that the lying thieves in robes tell people they must make a donation for the books.. But I quite agree it is nice to hold the book in my hands

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