Getting Around Sakon Nakhon Town,Thailand, Local Transportation

Most of the larger towns in Northeast Thailnd now have metere taxis, Sakon Nakhon does not. Most towns in Isaan have tuk-tuks, motorized 3 whell people carriers thae have rates by distance, Sakon Nakhondoes not. Most larger towns are taking the pedlors or samlors off the central city streets, Sakon Nakhon is not They are an impedement to traffic and dangerous, but for some reason Sakon Nakhon keeps these on the roads. There are 2 forms of local public transportation in Sakon Nakhontown, the yellow buses and baht buses from and to the outlying villages. I am in the process of getting more information about the baht buses and have learned, if my information is correct there are 2 yellow bus routes in town. Yhe inrercity bus station is about 3 to 4 kilometers out of town and there is no evening or night time wat for people to get there. Daytime the yellow buses…

run from near Rajahbat  University to town and back by way of  Rat Bam Rung road. The7   kilometer trip into the Big C area takes 30 to 45 minutes the first part of the trip can be seen by clicking here the second part should appear below or click here. Most towns that had these yellow buses have switched to baht buses, which travel regularly on regular routes

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  1. Baht buses, what are they?

    Do you have any pictures of them?
    Are they different from song teaw?
    Can you say some words about express buses from Mahasarakham to Sakho Nakhon?
    I heard they are the most punctual buses in this part of the country.
    Could you confirm that?

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