Indochina Market,Mukdahan,Thailand

I have been visiting Mukdahan and the Indochina market there for nearly 20 years now and have seen a fair number of changes to that central riverfront area  over the years. I do miss some of the restaurants that were in the buildings on the west side of the riverfront road west side There is no doubt that the market is popular and is never empty, while truly packed on the weekends As it faces east afternoons and early evening are prime times. The market holds a mixture of bric -a-brac, kitsch, crafts, jewelry, local clothing, foods and more Unfortunatly the marquees, tents and other stuff set up on the riverside promenade really is a blot on the ambiance of the area, and allowing vehicles on what should be a picturesque walking street area takes away from the eperience. The Municipal Government in Mukdahan as in mant yares in Thailand simply does not have the expertise to….

design a suitable venue to show off local crafts and provide adequate off site parking for visitors. Kudos to the citizens of Mukdahan for their efforts in spite of incompetent Government. If the video does not appear below click here to view.

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  1. Kudos to people of Thailand as they can manage to travel safely from places to places in spite of incompetence of Government to implement its own so notorious policy that it reluctantly managed to report to the National Assembly almost two years after the dead line.

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