HDR Applications and Google and The Geezer an Android Adventure in Northeast Thailand

Camera HDR Studio - 1384661559604Back in the days of snapshots in the 50s and 60s every family came back from vacations with rolls of film showing the family having fun at their favorite destinations. The shooter was always trying to get their back to the sun so you could see the kids faces with the scene in the background  Look into the sun! Was directions we the shootees always heard. All the quick pics featured either a balck shadow for a face or a face with a washed out background Today’s phone cams seem to put out more useless photos than ever before. Llook at a Thai persons facebook account often makes me think I have to get my eyeglass prescription checked Then I noticed google+ added HDR editing options= and started doing a bit of research. High-dynamic-range imaging is a set of methods used in imaging and photography to capture a greater dynamic range between the lightest and darkest areas of an image than current standard digital imaging methods or photographic methods…

Digitally we used to set the camera on a tripod and take 3 photos at different exposures to manipulate a balanced shot Like shooting through a doorway and wanting the whole photo balanced, the dark and the light.
I have been trying out 2 methods; one using Camera HDR Studio Android It will take a standard shot and fake and real HDR photo I used this in the food shot above, As usual I am sitting in the shade shooting on an angle into the sunlight Usually just another crappy #foodgasm shot. Since nothing is moving and I am holding the camera steady I use what is called Real HDR, which takes 2 shots Certainly better than my usual shot and the Leo is not in the dark
The other option is a filter and for almost all editing I used Snapspped with the HDR SCAPE filter. All in all I see no use for any other editing Android App and it is also available in Google+ in windows
Coming soon Google and The Geezer an Android Adventure in Northeast Thailand and Google+ Auto Awsome

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