Episode 30 in The Ajahn Chah Biography as Related by Ajahn Jayasaro and the Dhammapada, Buddhism

We listen to more of the Ajahn Chah Biographya dn another Dhammpada verse with comment by Ajahn Munindo

There are those who awaken from heedlessness.
They bring light into the world
like the moon
emerging from clouds.
v. 172

On the full-moon day of the month of Asalha, over two thousand five hundred years ago, the Buddha first revealed the Four Noble Truths. The hearts of those who heard these teachings were filled with the joy of perfect understanding, as cool and brilliant as a moon emerging from a covering of clouds. We assume the world and our suffering to be more substantial than it really is. But if we turn our attention towards the true causes ofsuffering – desire rooted in ignorance – these Four Ennobling Truths generate a radiance that disperses the clouds of delusion and dissolves the world of suffering. Our contemplations awaken us from heedlessness, moment by momentwe contribute to the continued turning of this Dhamma Wheel.

Prophetic Dreams that meant a lot to him

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