International Silk Festival and Mekong Cultural Exchange in Khon Kaen, Thailand

and just another Tourism Authority of Thailand failure. Iff you click on the photo you can see that there is little  specific information in English I emailed the email address included in the TAT Newsroom and as usual got no response. I have attended this festival for a number of years and finding anything of any cultural importance is next to impossible amongst the booth after booth after booth of illegal CDs, and other jusnk that covers all the streets around the Provincial Offices.The festival takes place not  in front of Khon Kaen City Hall from 29 November to 10 December, 2013. The 12-day show has been scheduled to be filled with educational and recreational activities as well as shopping opportunities. but in front of the Provincial Offices There has  no way to get a correct schedule for years..

Cultural performances and food festivals from China’s Guangxi and Yunnan provinces, Vietnam, Thailand and Lao PDR. have been scheduled between 29 November and 10 December while the silk fashion show has been scheduled on 2 December and Miss Khon Kaen Beauty Pageant on 7 December.   Where and when, the TAT Ofiice in Khon Kaen has gotten this wrong for years. And last but not least my call to the 1672 number was as useful as my previous call Tourism Authority of Thailand Hotline 1672 ExperienceThe Tourism Authority of Thailand is little more than an embarrassment in a country that has many worthwhile places and events to experience.If the video does not open click here

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