Around the Rapids and Beaches and an Amaizing Cave at Wat Patihan,Ubon Ratchatani, Thailand

After spending the Night in Phibun Manghansahan, where I found a place with wifi and places to eat and drink in walking distance I headed to Kaeng Jukan and experienced a GPS gone mad as it had me plotted near Khe Sanh in Viet  Nam. After sorting things out I noted the lack of commercial interest here. When I first stumbled on this keang it looked like a good spot for some food and bev stands.
I moved on to Pak La taking the river road stopping shooting and getting some good local information. After Pak La I moved up To Don Tan Forest to take a look around and visit the 7 kilometer cave at Wat Patihan (it’s a miracle). The generator had crapped out and folks were praying for it’s repair. I moved on and mapped some Kaengs along the river. I planned on camping at  Kaeng Cahang Mop, but 100k wind sent me one to more substantial lodging.

The photos are geotagged if you go to the album. if it does not appear click here

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