Mahasarakham,Thailand,Knowledge Park,a Learning Center,อุทยานการเรียนรู้มหาสารคาม

As bad as the education system is in Thailand there are local initiatives that fill in some of the gaps, the Knowledge Center in Mahasarakham is one. You can see their facebook page, or the Knowledge Park website but there is little else online and nothing in English. I first visited just after it opened back in 2011 and was impressed with what was actually working and about plans for the future. I am well aware that many grand plans in Thailand begin to fall apart soon after the money changes hands and the VIPs have cut the ribbon so I was glad to have the opportunity to visit an exception to the rule. More good stuff is going on from the planetarium online to a music school and still more adult education classes and child care. But sadly, as the good work goes on the building is falling apart around the folks It appears that money went into pockets and ..

no one is being held responsible for substandard work. Well, here’s hoping the good work goes on and the building stands for a good while. If the album does not appear below Click Here

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