Cold Snap Hits Northeast Thailand

warmIt hits other areas as well, but I am only familiar with Isaan, Northeast Thailand Over the past 19 cold seasons about a handful  have been real killers and another 5 or so make up the top ten for cold weather Every year I read about the action the government is taking to alleviate the suffering of the people, especially the old Over the years I have searched out this advertised assistance and have rarely found it I have been to PAO, TAO, Tambon, Amphor and Provincial Offices and less than a handful of times have I seen any government assistance Yes, there will be a number of photo opportunities, but little real help

What I have found over the years, with great regularity is shops, stalls and stands selling western clothing. Like…

the sweatshirts pictured above, as well as trousers, shirts, coats and trainers In thailand I have looked at the middle and top end shops in search of warm clothing or decent trainers For 1800 Baht and up I can buy a name brand that is not a % as warm as a good old sweatshirt

Over the years I have bought hundreds of the sweatshirts between 60 and 120 Baht and handed them out in the villages.Quilts can be found in the 100 Baht range

Where does all this low cost high quality WARM stuff come from? Much, if not most of it is donated by groups in the West, England, America and a lot from the Scandinavian countries. So why are people buying donated clothes?

Because Government officials confiscate the goods and either give them to their families to sell or sell to peddlers for resale.

Here is the latest  article

Thai government declares disaster zones as people are caught up in plummeting winter temperatures… of 15C

A few years ago a Scandinavian group actually found the clothes they had donated being sold while they were on a trip to Isaan. All hell broke loose for a few hours then just like killing a cop or keeping a Burmese girl a slave it is all forgotten and forgiven

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