kuay tiao, guay dtiaao, ก๋วยเตี๋ยวน้ำ a great spot in Khon Kaen, Thailand

Kuaitiao, see another spelling, just about any time of day I have posted about it in my blogspot Eat  Isaan blog.  More and more, recently, I find shops just selling the soup with “MAMA” noodles as oppesed to sen lek, the traditional noodle, and I find more and more people are dumping all sorts of additives to the broth, very often very salty The other morning while in Khon Kaen I was walking down the soi alongside the Kosa Hotel, heading south and spotted a stand I had not seen before, and decided to drop in The friendly proprietor was quick to reply with a “no problem” when I asked for kuay tiao moo without innards. About 7 minites later a beautiful bowl of soup chock full of mied veg and posrk appeared in front of me A careful taste of the broth brought about a smile to my face as it was a bit flavorful, but not strongly so…

I am not a big fan of roadside dining, but there is no traffic in the mornin, so carbon monoxide as a condiment is not on the table The proprietor is a pleasant person with whom it is quite enjoyable   to have an early morning chat At 35 Baht this is another one of Khon Kaen’s gems

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