Dining With The Superstars in Phang Khon, Sakon Nakhon,Thailand

Well maybe not with, but at least where a whole bunch of Thai stars have had a meal and had there pictures taken with the owner Always being on the lookout for a good meal, especially on the weekend and on the road we stumbled onto Noi mitra nii yom gai yaang phang khon Restaurant on the North side of Road 22 on the west side of town, the area where the evening food market takes places The establishment has 2 locations in town, not sure about the location of the other, and this one seems to be the most popular Gai ban is what is for offer here, not my favorite as they lack big breasts, but that does not take away from the fine flavor. Posters festoon the wall with posters of famous Thai stars with the proprietor, whose family has been operating Gai Yang, Som Tam restaurants for 30 some years now No beer sold, but a couple meters away the minimart sells beverages…

Beer Chang 50 Baht.0If you are in Phang Khon in search of a meal it is a clean, cheerful stop and the food is fine as well

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  2. A very good presentation of Phang Khon local food. Kai Yang Phang Khon has been famous since the time when government officials posting in remote areas were actively engaged in rural war fighting against Communist insurgency in this area. It happened to start at Moo Baan Phang Khon was a famous motion pictures at that time. The government public relation mobile units always utilize the movie to inform people more about the so called harmful aspect of communism.
    I was attracted to the town in 1965 when Road # 227 connecting Phang Khon to Bung Khan was under a construction. Whenever we arrived at the town our instinct told us to treat ourselves with some good food and drink before continuing our journey towards a remote and insurgency active district near Mekong river.
    We always enjoyed the local version of Kai Yang Phang Khon.
    We had no ideas of our next meals.
    But we had to keep moving forward.

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