What Is Samadhi, Anyhow? Buddhism, Northeast Thailand

Over the years I have often heard Thais mention Samadhi and when asked come up with ll sorts of explanations that I find totally un-understandable and foreign to what I thought I learned So once again to avoid inflicting my opinion I quote a definition from one of Aahn Maha Boowas books Hopefully this will answer some of the questions people have

samãdhi: Meditative calm and concentration. Samãdhi is experienced by practicingvarious meditation techniques that are designed to calm the mind’s emotional turbulence and mental distraction by fixing it firmly on a single object ofattention and mindfully holding it there until the mind becomes fully absorbed…

in that single preoccupation to the exclusion of everything else, and thus wholly integrated within a simple, unified state of awareness. By concentrating one’s attention on just one object, distracting thoughts and currents of the mind that would normally flow out into the sensory environment are gradually gathered into one inner point of focus, one still, calm, concentrated state called samãdhi.
This does not mean that the mind is striving to concentrate on one point (an outward focus), but rather that by assiduously following the method with mindful attention, the mind naturally, on its own accord, converges into a unified state of awareness. The resulting experience is a feeling of pure and harmonious being that is so wondrous as to be indescribable. Upon withdrawing from samãdhi, this calm, concentrated mental focus then serves as a basis for successfully pursuing investigative techniques to develop wisdom and gain insight into the true natureof all phenomena.

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