Google and The Geezer an Android Adventure in Northeast Thailand End of Year Update

Looking back I can see 27 Google and The Geezer an Android Adventure in Northeast Thailand posts in just over a year The idea behind the concept is me a soon to be 67 year old Senior Citizen aka Geezer talk about the Android applications I find useful and some not so useful.I want to end the year with 2 items.
First of all as I stated I use the old edition of the Google Maps App, but I believe this holds true with the updated editions. Here is northeast Thailand as I scan a map of an are I will see places like Nong Loeng Tourism, in the photo left When I visited the site I saw that there is nothing of interest there I clicked on the entry and saw I could inset a picture and rate the site Okay, I am as derelict as most others here, but if you are using google maps in your travels in rural Thailand, or elsewhere…


use this toll to help future travelers when visiting  the are Go to the app and even Google Maps for windows and check it out.
The second subect is the S-pen that comes with all Samsung Note products. I have been using it in it’s most basic form for more than 2 years now and have not really researched the many functions it provides I prefer Samsung Note products as opposed to Tabs due the the faster proccessor speeds and the S-pen is a part of every Note regardless of size Finally, the other day I started perusing YouTube S-pen tutorials and would if I could give myself a quick kick. The pen has many many uses and I plan on watching a number of the videos and optimizing my Note usage

Here is one of the many tutorials available

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