Wrapping Up 2013 in Mukdahan, Thailand

Bueng Kan town was a bit of a bust. Traffic was out of hand and the restaurant experiences were on the not a foodgasm side of things, but more of that at a later date We checked out a couple brilliant sites in Bueng Kan Province and decided to spend the last couple days and nights of 2013 in Mukdahan. Traffic was absurd and from Nakhon Phanom to Mukdahan bumber to bumper. Police roadblocks added to the mess as they were often set up around blind bends, causing a couple rear enders and causing more congestion Made it into town and made a mad dash to Krua Vietnam for a bunch of food and a couple Leos to wash away road memories. Later a trip to the Indochina Market and the night food market, which were both chock a block full of visitors before a couple of night caps and an early night content in the thought that tomorrow will not be an on the road day

For you viewing pleasur a couple Twicasts One From the Indochina Market and one from the Night Food Market via links with the  Indochina Market, hopefully embedded below


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