And a Happy 2014 or 2557, New Year to All from Mukdahan, Thailand

No better way to say good-bye to 2013 or Hello to 2014 than watching on of the iconic sights I have seen over the years in Isaan, Northeast Thailand. Rish hours, holidays, special events bring out the boys in brown to misdirect traffic It seems to always be a muddle in Thailand It seems most drivers either do not know the traffic laws or have no interest in following them But one way or another it manages to muddle along until a person in uniform manages to bring it to a standstill. This is a regular event in cities like Khon Kaen where the police come out periodically during the morning rush hour bringing slow moving traffic to a complete standstill. One standing alone will wave traffic on when there is nowhere for the vehicles to go and when they are in groups they spend more time talking amongst themselves and occasionally make a un=understandable gesture…

only confusing drivers So if the Twitcast does not appear below Click Here to view


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