Ajahn Jayasaro, Buddhist Meditation,Sati Sampajanna

jayasaroAll states of being are determined by mind.
It is mind that leads the way.
Just as the wheel of the oxcart follows
the hoofprint of the animal that draws it,
so suffering will surely follow
when we speak or act impulsively
from an impure state of mind
v. 1

Thinking too much can complicate spiritual practice; not thinking enough can restrict us.
Here we are given an example of wisely-directed thinking. It helps us to see that we are not a
victim of circumstance – to understand that the intention behind our actions of body and speech
determines our state of being – it puts us in the position where we have the power to bring about
real change. Accepting this teaching as our field of investigation, we appreciate the value of exercising
mindful restraint and find new confidence andability. Our heart/mind leads the way.

Three factors of meditation: Sati — mindfulness or remembering, Sampajanna — alertness or wakefulness and appropriate effort.

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