Lawless Thailand, Corruption and Death on the Roads

Thailand’s roads are  some of the most dangerous in the world. One might wonder how that is?  And all it takes is a look at the mismarked roads or broken lined roads where the view ahead is blind and people should not be allowed to pass. Roads marked No Passing where the road ahead is clear roads such as the one in the video below that are unsafe in one lane. The money for roads often seems to go into pockets as opposed to potholes. But at the end of the day it is the death of the innocents, the schoolchildren that seems to catch the attention of people for a moment.  15 killed, 45 hurt in student tour bus crash and  33 injured in drunk school bus crash and lip service like  Bus drivers from hell: Time to control?  Police not enforcing the law and ignoring the law. Paying a bribe to get a license or why bother at all. Just as education in Thailand is a crime against the youth of today…

lawlessness  and corruption are always waiting in the wings to kill them on the roads of Thailand.

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