Mukdahan,Thailand Ajahn Mun, Ban Huay Sai,Wat Phu Kampra and More

Road 2287 Connecting Sakon Nakhon and Mukdahan,Thailand, A Scenic Alternative and Wat Phu Kampra

kampraThe usual route between Sakon Nakhon and Mukdahan is Route 223 to the 212 in That Phanom then south. Over the years I have taken a number of alternatives and recently started traveling and searching…Continue reading

Driving Into Mukdahan Thailand 26.09.12

I came into from the North on Road 212. You can experience what it’s like on Thai roads and why it takes so much out of a person as I drive the last 15 kilometers or so into town continued here:…Continue reading

Ajahn Mun, Ban Huay Sai, Mukdahan, wat Nong Nong, Buddhism

Ajahn Mun was in his mid 40s when he came to the village where young Tapai, as mae chee kaew was then called, lived with her Phu Thai family. continued here: Ajahn Mun, Ban Huay Sai, Mukdahan, wat…Continue reading

From Sakon Nakhon to Amnat Charoen in Northeast Thailand, Timelapse

Three hours and 210 kilometers through Isaan cities, towns, villages and countryside condensed into a 1 minute time lapse video. A photo every 5 seconds, for a total of 1739 frames  played back at…Continue reading

Isaan Update 21.12.11

Okay here’s the skivvy as it stands today. Wait a moment I just looked and it is taking me a bit over 3 hours to upload a 8MB file. Welcome to Isaan Y’all. Did you know here in Isaan you have to pay…Continue reading

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