Ajahn Jayasaro,Buddhist Meditation, Counting Breaths and Dhammapada and Comment

jayasaroWhen you begin to meditate, you might be surprised to realize how agitated the mind is. In a few short minutes Ajahn Jayasaro offers some help.

As a stormy wind cannot move
a mountain of rock,
so one who contemplates the reality of the body,
who develops faith and energy,
is unmoved by Mara.
v. 8

Mara is the manifestation of unenlightenment; the driving force of denial. Mara is the avoidance
of reality and is expressed as compulsiveness, insensitivity, resentment. Our monastery in
rural Northumberland is sometimes buffeted bywinds that can be frightening but this is nothing
compared to the threat posed by the forces ofMara. If we are to withstand the onslaught of
our heedless habits, we must firmly establish our contemplation in an awareness of the body, in
faith and in energy. It is the ability and willingness to come back, over and over again, to our bodybased
practice, remembering to live in ways that lead to selfless confidence that sustains our
interest in discovering truth. This has the power tomake us unshakable.

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