Tourism Authority of Thailand, Thai Live Cam Latest Updated Failure

pigs arseSome time ago, back in November of 2013 the Tourism Authority of Thailand introduced the THAI LIVE CAM Application, plenty of talk about video, but none to be seen. Now they have introduced the latest update that even operates, so to speak in windows which includes the The 10th World Wai Kru Muay Thai Ceremony, but no video or photos whatsoever. Chaing Mai, Kof Samui and Nong Khai are the only places in the entire country where the National Tourism Board of Thailand could find fit to feature cameras, and not showing video, but in the cases where it actually works time lapse low resolution photos. Under the heading live cam around Thailand Nong Khai becomes Nong Khiaw and many of their webcans do not even work. Many folks would like to see a webcam view of a BTS Station, but no such luck the National Tourism Board of Thailand,Tourism Authority of Thailand submits this as the best effort Thailand can put out to show folks around the world the best Thailand has to offer….

Perhaps show one of the big Thai Buddhist Temples in Bangkok, nope can’t do. A bustling beach, naw forget that. They even list a photo of a chedi in Roi Et as being in Khon Kaen.This is just furter proff that the Tourism Authority of Thailand is clueless about the country they are tasked to promote as well  as how to operate in the 21st century


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