Ajahn Jayasaro, Buddhist Meditation, Sleepiness and and Comment


Let go of that which is in front,
let go of that which has already gone,
and let go of in-between.
With a heart that takes hold nowhere
you arrive at the place beyond all suffering.
v. 348


We can comfortably lose ourselves in ideas of the future. We can comfortably dwell in memories of the past. And we readily get lost in experiences here and now. When we get lost we suffer. But suffering is not ultimate; there are causes for suffering and there is freedom from them. To arrive at freedom requires that we are willing to leave our familiar abidings. We hear the instruction to ‘let go’ and it can sound like we are being toldto get rid of something or that we are wrong for being the way we are. But if we recognise thepower of right mindfulness, we see letting go justnhappens. In this verse the Buddha meets us in the place of our suffering and directs us towards an
open door out of it.

Drowsiness is one of the most common obstacles in meditation. Where it comes from and what you can do about it…

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