Buddhism, Making Merit, a Northeast Thailand, Monthly Tradition, Month 4, Duan si , bun phawet

Necessary things for monks and worshipping are brought to the preaching hall and the Uppakhut Tower is built in the eat near the hall for keeping essential articles for monks. When night falls, monks give sermons on Phra Malai Mun and Phra Malai Saen to celebrate the return home of Wetsandon’s royal family. Very early next morning there is a procession of one thousand rice balls representing one thousand stanzas in this story. Then the story is retold in 14 episodes by singing in Isan verse, one sponsor for a monk retelling an episode. It is believed to be of
a great merit for tellers and audience to complete the story within one day.

Thanks to Mahasarakham University for use of text and video
Heet sip song  means traditions of making  merit popularly observed in the twelve months of the year.  These traditions are beneficial  for tightening friendship,  unity, and society  development   both as a whole and in each community.

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